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over 20 years helping small businesses reach their goals

our expert services

tactical marketing and advertising

With over 6000 tv commercials produced, thousands of print campaigns, hundreds of radio ads and countless digital campaigns successfully executed over the past 25+ years, Unicus is equipped to handle your every need.

Corporate Brand Identity

Branding is everything! From business names, logos, slogans, product naming to corporate colors, we have created long-lasting brand identities for hundreds of businesses around the world and will apply our same expertise to your business goals.

Creative Design Services

Whether it's individual elements or a complete branding overhaul, Unicus can step in and fulfill any of your creative design needs. From logos to websites, from flyers to billboards, Unicus provides professional and creative design services for any of your business needs.

film/video production

TV Commercials, sales videos, corporate presentation, product prototypes, training videos, 3D animation and more. We become part of your team, helping deliver your vision. We are the directors, the producers, script-writers, schedulers and visual engineers of your company.

business strategies

Our 20+ years marketing services and products around the world allow us to bring tangable business strategies to our clients and help guide them through some of the confusing decisions and set them in a direction that can more efficiently and accurately let them hit their objectives.

100% Committed

We know that marketing a business or product is nothing short of an extremely curvy and unpredictable road that can take unexpected turns at any moment. We are committed to never giving up until we meet, and usually exceed, all our customers' expectations.

A Great Plan = Great Success

  • brainstorming and ideas

    Here we will meet with the client to start setting the initial tone of the markeing strategy.

  • Market Analysis

    Defining the market will set a solid base to attract investors, avoid problems, and most importantly, attract customers.

  • Competitive Analysis

    During this step we will help identify what makes your product or services unique and stand apart from the competition.

  • S.W.O.T. Analysis

    Probably the most important step, we will help define stregths, weaknesses, opportun ities and threats that we will be encountering in the months and years ahead.

  • Set Goals and Objectives

    Setting realistic goals is very important to maintaining a solid momentum to the marketing plan.

  • Define Strategies

    Mapping out the direction and assembiling the list of tools we need to make it happen.

  • Write the Plan

    Assembling everything into a concise plan is essential. This will be the road map we refer to so we never lose focus.

  • Execution and testing

    Here the cogs of the plan start turning. Creative starts and things begin to happen. Simutaneously, testing every step of the way.

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why partner with Unicus?

Why to choose us
  • Over two decades of proven success
  • Able to work with any size business
  • In-house design and development departments
  • Extremely budget conscious
  • Used to working under extreme deadlines
  • Relentless at acheiving our client's goals
  • Precision quality control

what we do

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Creative Portfolio

Print Design

Print Design

Website Design

Website Design

3D Renderings

3D Renderings








client reviews


what fits your needs


  • Business Plans
  • Marketing Plans
  • Program Assessment
  • Media Review
  • Market Research
  • General Overview
  • Per Hour Pricing

Al A Carte

  • Graphic Design
  • Video Production
  • Digital Photography
  • Animation Support
  • TV Commercials
  • Radio Ads
  • Website Design
  • Interface Development
  • Per Project Pricing


  • We become your virtual in-house marketing department.
  • We are constantly working for your company's success, implementing various strategies to generate results.
  • We handle all marketing related vendors and media relations.
  • We utlilize all our expert resources to deliver results.
  • Retainer-based Pricing

in-house development team

Another strength Unicus brings to the table is it's sister company, Interface Design Solutions and Data Monitoring Solutions. A full-service development company that has done everything from creating touch-screen building automation control applications , renewable energy monitoring systems around the world to sophisticated custom cloud-based reservation applications and business management software. Having IDS on our team affords us a luxury that most marketing firms do not have, giving us a distinct advantage to develope specialty applications that can help our client's run more efficient and effectively and going beyond basic website development to make sure your web-presence is maximized for helping capture and convert visitors into long-lasting customers.

Interface Design Solutions
Development Development Development Development

Sales Support

Unicus will work with your sales department to ensure branding consistency and to assist them with any of their needs.

Design Support

From special format requests, photo retouch, or any other imagery needs, we are on call to make sure it is delivered quickly and accurately.

Technical Support

Utilizing our in-house development and technology team. We can assist our clients with most of their technical needs that arise.

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